Xenagos – Germany’s specialist for Sales Recruiting

Our goal is to provide our clients with top sales talent who achieve their business

Our strength is a clear focus on sales in combination with a strong background in both Online-Recruiting and Executive Search. This triangle gives our team a tremendous competitive advantage: Understanding deeply the business needs of our clients, finding the most effective recruiting strategy and finally identifying, approaching and presenting the right candidates – that is the value we bring to our clients.

Why would anyone need a specialised sales recruiter in Germany?

Germany is different – why foreign search firms fail so often.
As seasoned recruiting specialists with international experience we are well aware that Germany is a very difficult market to recruit in. Most professionals have sound English language skills, but the access to candidates is completely different from the usual methods that work in other European countries or overseas. Germany is one of the most competitive and most regulated labour markets in Europe. Fees are about one third of estimated on-target-earnings of candidates – but reliable search firms do not accept contingency fees.

Why us?
We truly focus on sales positions and we consequently refuse to accept assignments in any other field. All our consultants combine in-depth recruiting know-how with personal experience in sales. This direct touch gives our team a tremendous advantage – we know recruiting and sales from first hand experience.

Professionalism, know-how and experience combined with a focused business model give our clients the confidence to recruit the right candidates quickly and for a fair price.

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Discretion is the nature of our business: That is why we never reveal the identity of any of our current or former clients or candidates. The list below should give you a first impression of where we have been and what our focus is about.


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